Went home to Amicalola Falls today

I volunteered and/or trained at the park for over 13 years. The staff, the visitors, the wildlife and the endless beauty became my home.

The view from the top of the falls looking south

As always, this visit, I labeled a homecoming, led to conversations with park visitors. I enjoy talking with them, taking pictures, posting them and looking at them later. Great memories. 

This is a mixture of American and Scottish students. They are part of an exchange program.

These two, and the folks behind them were at the park on a field trip today.

 Being here today was emotional for me at times. I have many memories here, so many beginnings and a lot of endings.

Park personal, as always, made me feel welcome and loved. They always have, but today seemed very special to me.

Mark drove me to the park. Him and his wife Janice epitomize who a visitor would hope to come upon, at any park. 

This picture of Mark and I was taken behind the Visitors Center. 

This was a great day and one I will not soon forget. I stood near the telescope at the reflection pond, looking up at the falls, and remembered back to 2001, when I stood at the same place. That was a beginning for me. Today I came home. 

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