Seniors and their money

This story is manufactured from many stories I have been told concerning money and seniors. 

An 82 year old man drives to his bank and draws out $500. That particular night he is having many family members over for dinner. Later that evening he thinks of the money, and decides to check on it. It’s not there. He is adamant about where he put it. He announces the loss to the family and most of them look for hours, to no avail. Almost everyone goes home. What are they thinking?  In a few minutes the man announces to whomever is still around that he has now found the money. They ask where and he tells them it was somewhere other than where he had said he put it. He later tells one of the family members he now remembers putting it where he found it. In fact he says he hid it in the first place because he did not want to be questioned about why he withdrew it. 

What do you think?  What kind of thoughts could be in each individuals minds?

Here is a link to one of hundreds of articles concerning money and cognitive decline. I read in many of the articles that normal aging brings some cognitive decline. It does not only happen to folks with dementia

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