what am I doing nowadays? 

Mom will soon be 88 years old. Her husband passed away on March the 12th of this year. She has extended family near her home. I am with her full time and I am slowly adjusting. I have been here since January 24th of this year. I am a work in progress, as a part time caregiver.  Denial of the effects normal aging has on us humans, has been an issue for me. I am able to take time off from helping mom because of our extended family. During the 9 months with mom I have been able to take off 26 days.

Raising awareness concerning alzheimers disease remains extremely important to me. I am working to improve my skills with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a WordPress blog. I do this to keep another voice in the public arena to help show whomever will listen, the sense of urgency concerning a horrific disease. 

Running is over for me at this point. I mostly walk and jog. Running leaves me with chronic pain. I should have it checked out, but I have never been one to visit doctors much. Maybe soon, I will. 

I am surprised that I have been on this “awareness” mission for nearly 53 months, and that I feel no desire to stop.

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