going west again tomorrow 

Not sure where, not sure what I will be doing. Wherever and whatever, it’s probably safe to say it will have something to do with my personal fight with alzheimer’s disease. Every time I go with the feelings I get, something occurs that increases my knowledge concerning alzheimers and at the same time moves me away from thinking of myself as an athlete. I appreciate Mark Bravo’s definition of “athlete” and that definition is not the one I am moving from. 

Mom is good and will be taken care of. 

Interstate 40 past Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Maybe I will go there . . . . . that is an important location to the left of that bush

Monument Valley, Utah – maybe I will go there and speak with my brother and dad once again 

Or I may go to the Mojave National Preserve 

Something always seems to lead me, and their is always a reason for it . . . . . 

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