My 5 encounters with law enforcement in 2013

  1. Just outside of Savannah, Georgia, a group of construction workers pulled off the road and were talking to me. A deputy pulled up to make sure all was okay. He ended up taking pictures of me and the workers.
  2. Just west of Decatur, Alabama, a State Trooper stopped and told me he had been seeing me for 2 or 3 days. He told me he wanted to tell me thanks for what I was doing. His grandmother died with alzheimer’s disease. 
  3. In Hazen Arkansas, two deputies pulled over and talked with me a few minutes about what I was doing. They already knew who I was. They saw my website on my sign and looked it up on their computer in the car. One of them came to my motel the next morning to say so long. I was able to get a picture. 
  4. Thirty miles west of Santa Rosa New Mexico a New Mexico state policeman picked me up and took me to a motel. I had a health problem. His concern for me brings tears to my eyes right now. Later I was able to tell the Governor about this young man.
  5. In California on Highway 101 a California Highway Patrol Officer stopped and she gave me Central dispatch’s phone number and told me to call them if I needed anything. I was able to take a picture. 
     I was feeling the effects of knowing it was almost over. When she stopped I got very emotional and she thought I was having health difficulties. She was an angel in CHIPS clothing. 

I could not count the officers that pulled up, roll down their windows, and just asked if I was ok or needed anything. 

2 responses to “My 5 encounters with law enforcement in 2013

  1. Aw, sweet story! You’re an inspiration.


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