what has kept me raising awareness for 53 months?

Knowing that approximately 1,309 people are diagnosed with alzheimer’s disease each and every day, and knowing that approximately 68% of those folks are women. Those numbers are for America, not the whole planet.

Being told, in person, by hundreds of caregivers how this disease has affected both them and the person they are giving care to. The affects have been horrific. 

Also knowing the projections of what this disease will do to our way of life, if we don’t slow and finally stop it. We will not be able to afford this disease, if left unchecked. 

I know we have the best the world has to offer looking for preventative measures and a cure, but they need money. The Alzheimer’s Association is working to get more money from the NIH ever day. 

Caregivers need to be told someone cares and they need access to real tangible help. The Alzheimer’s Association can help. The caregivers need to know the Alzheimer’s Association exists and how to contact them.  Call 1.800.272.3900 anytime 

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