5 defining moments in my life

  • Holding dad’s hand as he struggled with his last breath. My brother held the other one. Dad had alzheimer’s disease. 
  • Visiting with a friend dying with lung cancer. He tried to make me smile. He died shortly after I left. Not much family with him at the end. He mentioned that. 
  • Getting the phone call telling me my brother died. We spoke for 45 minutes the evening before. He had a massive heart attack. 
  • Being told my friend had taken his life. He was just back from Afghanistan. I thought all was good with him. 
  • Being told another friend had taken his life. The note said he did not want his family to live with his dementia. 

      Where am I going with that? Probably to say that I keep going, looking for and finding the good in life and enjoying it, knowing that pain will come again. When it does, I will endure and keep going! It has made me want to help others endure the pain and find the good. Maybe that helps me. 

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