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staying fit to fight alzheimers – NIH

Here’s a graphic from the National Institute of Health . 

Prevention ! 

pictures of folks that do research 

the 60 Minutes Alzheimer’s report

This report by Lesley Stahl about the families in Columbia is the most exciting thing I have ever heard concerning Alzheimer’s disease. They announced that the National Institutes of Health, philanthropist and some pharmaceutical companies are spending money on this trial. The way it is set up, in my opinion, they will find out huge things from this no matter what. 

I am just a Layman, but my feeling is this is a huge thing. I have never felt so much hope.

remaining positive ? 

I’ve been reading about positive thinking. On the surface it sounds good. It has been a mantra for a few years now. I’m questioned about it from time to time. What exactly does it mean? How do you speak of the many horrific things going on, in a positive way? Do we just put them out of our minds? Do we pretend thousands of innocent children do not really die every day from lack of water and food? I imagine that is not what the positive thinking gurus meant, but I don’t know what their plans were. 

With alzheimer’s disease it’s the same disconnect to me. Most folks don’t know about incontinence, violence, family breakups, financial loss and even early death for some caregivers. There are a lot negative connotations associated with alzheimer’s disease. How do we speak positively about those? To raise awareness about how important it is to find prevention techniques and a cure, we must state the negatives. This has came up two times today, in messages to me. 

I need help with knowing how to speak positive about a disease that most people think is just loss of memory. 

As for me at this moment I will continue to say that changing the soiled clothing of a parent 6 to 8 times a day sucks. It also hurts when they fight back every time. 

I’m positive I care. I’m positive we need a cure. I’m positive the Alzheimer’s Association can help you. 

alzheimers caregivers 

The stories concerning alzheimer’s disease continue to be told and heard.

The word “stress” is mentioned often. Getting rest may be rare. Dreams take a back seat. 

Recently, I had an awakening of sorts. I realized how really strong, patient and persistent these folks are. No matter what occurs, they keep going. Some lose everything while making sure another person stays safe. Caregivers are selfless.

Selfless – concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own.

P.S. These are my thoughts. 

when things change – aging, dementia …. ?

He dropped by his mom’s house. He rang the door bell and got no response. He took his key and went in. There was a pot of peas on the stove and no water in the pot. The peas were burnt black mostly. There was not much smoke yet. He made things safe and went to find mom. She was sitting in her bedroom trying to solve a puzzle. She asked immediately for his help and went on to explain the bathtub faucet will not turn off. It’s been running for some time now, she said. He walked in the bathroom, reached down and turned the water off. 

caregiving is tough 

It’s tough being the primary caregiver, you may have given up your life, your work, and your finances, and your health is being hit. It’s especially tough to be the one that has to deal with the patient if incontinence is involved. The relationship suffers greatly. Then pops in someone and the patient eats them up. I can’t even imagine that. Can you ? 

a caregivers thanks to me

I recently spent time with a caregiver and here is what she said;

“Thanks for telling it the way that we live it every day , day in and day out, sometimes for years. You speak of the lonely times, the financial hardship, the incontinence, the violence and so many of the realities concerning alzheimers. You tell folks how I can’t afford to eat right or purchase my own medication because I had to quit work. You tell folks nobody wants to visit anymore because they are tired of being near what alzheimers disease creates.”

I tell folks so they will have all the information available, so when they make decisions about what they will care about, alzheimer’s will get the consideration it should have. 

We need to alleviate pain this disease causes to families and we need to respond to the possible bankruptcy in 2050, if nothing is done. 

according to the Alzheimer’s Association 

Alzheimer’s takes a devastating toll on caregivers. Nearly 60 percent of Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers rate the emotional stress of caregiving as high or very high; about 40 percent suffer from depression. One in five care contributors cut back on their own doctor visits because of their care responsibilities. And, among caregivers, 74 percent report they are “somewhat” to “very” concerned about maintaining their own health since becoming a caregiver.

to keep going, Keep Going 

For me this epitomizes how little and alone we can feel at times. That kitten is standing tall and looking courageous. He probably has many supporters, but out on the road it’s just him and his purpose. It may seem dangerous to many, but to him whatever he is doing is worth it.