Alzheimer’s – I try so hard to remember #ENDALZ 

No diagnosis yet, but he wonders what a diagnosis will sound like . . . normal aging, alzheimers or something else? 

These are his words as I remember them. Even if it’s not alzheimer’s, it’s hard. My children are patient, how long will that last? The fear and sometimes anger I feel comes when I have thoughts slipping away, or when I can’t remember a name. I repeat myself often, I catch it when I am saying it for the second or third time. Sometimes I don’t say much because I wonder if I have already said what I was getting ready to say. I misplace my phone and pocketbook often. When we go out, I don’t want to embarrass my children or friends. I just want to be like I was. That’s probably not going to happen. Yeah, I am scared, but 

“I have been a fighter all of my life and I don’t plan on stopping now”   B.R.P.

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