remaining positive ? 

I’ve been reading about positive thinking. On the surface it sounds good. It has been a mantra for a few years now. I’m questioned about it from time to time. What exactly does it mean? How do you speak of the many horrific things going on, in a positive way? Do we just put them out of our minds? Do we pretend thousands of innocent children do not really die every day from lack of water and food? I imagine that is not what the positive thinking gurus meant, but I don’t know what their plans were. 

With alzheimer’s disease it’s the same disconnect to me. Most folks don’t know about incontinence, violence, family breakups, financial loss and even early death for some caregivers. There are a lot negative connotations associated with alzheimer’s disease. How do we speak positively about those? To raise awareness about how important it is to find prevention techniques and a cure, we must state the negatives. This has came up two times today, in messages to me. 

I need help with knowing how to speak positive about a disease that most people think is just loss of memory. 

As for me at this moment I will continue to say that changing the soiled clothing of a parent 6 to 8 times a day sucks. It also hurts when they fight back every time. 

I’m positive I care. I’m positive we need a cure. I’m positive the Alzheimer’s Association can help you. 

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