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January – month ending – 2017

I was able to put 104 miles on the Charity Miles application this month. All of the steps were for the Alzheimer’s Association. All of the miles were on foot. 

This was a good month. Mom and I did well and we continue “doing the work”

We are turning out to be a Strong team. 

constant redirection 

Just spoke to a caregiver a few minutes ago. She has to redirect her mother almost all day everyday, to keep her safe. Her mother sometimes gets so hurt. The caregiver said it makes her feel some guilt. She knows she doing well taking care of her mom, and has to fight her feelings.

Tough times. 

a beautiful and friendly dog

He came out of nowhere. I didn’t say a word, I made no gestures. He followed for about a mile and a half. (in front of moms house.) I wanted to speak and pet him. I didn’t, but he seemed okay with that. I sat on mom’s deck after, and the dog lay a few feet from me. I went inside, came back about 30 minutes later and he was gone. 

I enjoyed the encounter. 

an alzheimer’s post

A friend phoned last night to let me know his dad passed away yesterday. He had alzheimer’s disease. From diagnosis to death was a bit over eight years.

“The emotional and financial stress was rough for all of us”  – those were his words last night. 

what is my party affiliation

I realized, as of late, that I don’t seem to have one, and that is okay. I want to support what I think is right. I wish to decide what seems right to me. I hope to not blindly follow anyone. I hope to not allow myself to be pressured into saying I am for something, that I do not support. 

A metaphor can be made of the worldwide refugee problem. With 25,000,000 to 50,000,000 million on an ongoing basis, how many should we try to help. Is it none, or 50,000 or 1,000,000, or should it be all of them. What are we doing to combat why it is happening? 

The numbers I am using are from the internet. Are they right, or almost right?

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates 

I am 66 years old and I have many recollections of people being relieved of their jobs that did not do what their bosses asked of them. Should President Trump be allowed to have who he wants in that position? Should he have in that position the people the opposition party wants their? Is it the firing that some people are concerned with or is it the policy difference?

I came back to this post. This is several hours after my thoughts above. 

I understand the vetting process of certain people he picks for different positions. I think our system allows for President Trump to fire folks and our system allows for folks to say what they think about it. 

Why am I blogging of things other than Alzheimer?

All of our voices should be heard. Another reason is, I am trying to fight Alzheimer’s disease. Learning new things may help. I do not want to get Alzheimer’s disease. I hope they find a cure soon. I hope they find preventive measures. Lots of folks have told me and I have read articles that say learning new things may help. I’m trying to learn. 

best and brightest refugees?

Using the low estimate of 25,000,000 refugees and reading that it is estimated that we take from 100,000 to 1,000,000 yearly, what about the others? If our vetting system, if, takes the best and brightest, and leaves the others without some major talent, what do we think of that? How many left behind are children? Should we be trying to help them all? If not, what do we think about that? Can we help all of them? 

What have the last two presidents of the United States done about these folks? Not just some of these individuals, but all, what did they do? 

George W. Bush and Barack Obama were our last two presidents. What did they do for the millions of refugees? Should they have done anything?

Did our government cause any of the events that created the refugees?  If so, what do we think of that? 

Lots of questions! 

Refugee – definition and how many

A couple of definitions I found using Google. 

A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

A person who leaves his or her home or country to find safety, especially during a war or for political or religious reasons.

Using Google and asking “how many refugees are there?” I found a low of 25,000,000 and a high of 80,000,000. 

Some websites and/or articles say most of these folks have very limited, if any, access to food, shelter or healthcare and that some are in danger of bodily injury from persons. 

two inspiring stories 

Spoke with a nurse that was finishing her shift. She was going home to take care of her 68 year old husband. He is Veteran and she is proud of that. He has alzheimer’s disease. 

Spoke with a Vietnam Veteran that became disabled in the war. He was using an electric scooter. 

I was wearing my Navy cap today, and both of the above thanked me for my service.  

What I found inspiring about both of these folks, was the attitude they were wearing.