Why End “Across the Land” ?

Mom is 88 years old. She will, of course, not get any younger. She knows and accepts her situation and plans to be around many more years. 

I have family near that helps me keep mom safe and we all help her achieve some of her dreams. 

I believe in being able to dream, focus and achieve. My dreams are on hold. I can go on short trips every once in awhile, but long Journey’s are a thing of the past, and their is no need to think or speak of them. 

With my decision to say it’s over, I wish to end any anxiety, for all involved, especially me.

Mom is my responsibility and any further work done by me will be done at times that do not interfere with keeping her safe and helping her achieve, as she has for me many times. 

I accept the challenge of being a caregiver.

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