365 days with mom – no regrets – doing the work!

Sitting and reflecting on what my life is about. My dad and brother passed away years ago. It’s mom and I. She is 88 years old and has to have help. Today is my one year anniversary of living with her. No regrets for this. My attitude needs work, on occasion, but is getting better. 

I must take care of me so I can continue to help her. I am doing that. Their have been lulls, but I am doing the work. 

Alzheimer’s is still a hot topic for me. I do what I can. I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a WordPress blog to raise awareness and concern. I use the Charity Miles application to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. 

I get up every day and put a lot of time into what I mentioned above. My self esteem is high. No regrets. My children and I speak as much as possible and all is well. 

My body is sort of okay and I continue. Things change. I adjust. It’s my life. It’s good. I am grateful! 

4 responses to “365 days with mom – no regrets – doing the work!

  1. Congratulations and happy mom anniversary. 🙂


  2. Always remember to look after yourself Jack. You are no use to Mom if you are ill.


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