limited resources make respite rare

Their is a Subway sandwich shop just east of Little Rock Arkansas near Interstate 40 and SR 391. While I was resting outside the store with my stroller, a car pulled up.The driver looked worn, black circles under eyes and just generally exhausted looking. She explained that she had saw me in the paper and read that I was raising awareness concerning Alzheimer’s disease. She wanted to come thank me. She cried. She told me they have very limited resources and she cannot get any rest. I asked her where the patient was and she pointed to the back seat and said that’s my mother and she has Alzheimer’s disease. I spoke to the lady in the back seat and she asked me when she could go home. She said she just wanted to go home and find her family. She said they had been missing a few years. I will never forget what looked like hopelessness to me, in the eyes of the caregiver. 

This occurred in 2013. 

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