immigration  ??

Would you allow so many folks in your home that it may put your family in jeapordy? 

Would you mind being the one that tells folks at your door “no” ?

Over simplifications probably. Maybe this example shows a simplistic view of a problem or maybe it shows my lack of formal education. 

I thought of this today: “Lots of folks like bacon, but not many want to see the hog slaughtered”

I probably should not post this, but I will, for a bit anyway. I’m confused about what I think. I go back and forth. Talk about indecision. I see points from both sides. I see the lives of human beings being affected on both sides. 

No commenting from me if someone comments on this post. Just putting how I feel out there. Or is this how I feel?

One response to “immigration  ??

  1. Jack,
    I will answer this the way I see it. Our country was mainly based on immigration. We have had multiple rounds of mass immigration through the 200+ years of our countries existence. Most of these went through the horrible process of name changing, discrimination of religion, culture, and language. Most immigrants has their name changed to misspellings and endured poverty in a way that modern society cannot understand to become proud working Americans through hard labor that most Generations after the 1960’s cannot even comprehend. The difference between the current argument of immigration is that most are illegal immigrants! These are the people who bypass the trials of our nations hardships against the law, but found a loophole in our well-fare system to use and abuse it at eh expense of our needy who are legal citizens of our country. There were six people at Belk who commonly were screwed by our system that needed help, but the illegal immigrants took the same benefits for free.
    The general argument is this: You did not try to gain the right through legal manners. You did not take the hard road of citizenship. You used you kids to gain citizenship, even though, every previous mass immigration was not allowed to do this in history. You do not try to learn the national language or know the history as the legal immigrants before you! You abuse American programs for free, when average Americans cannot not use them when needed. You are not taxed for any service, but poor American citizens can be. Basically, they do not even try with exception of the trip here illegally. I do feel sorry for the children born here, but if they are good parents, citizenship automatically should not be the gage of that.
    An interesting, but possible truth, the waste in American dollars spent on illegal immigrants on lack of taxes and government involvement with that department could have been allocated towards government research and develpolment in other diseases. This could have mean towards your cause. I am sure that is a stretch, but that is government. At least, legal citizens can vote for that!


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