I am ignorant about immigration

No idea until a few minutes ago of the estimates of between 55 and 85 million refugees around the world at any one time.

No idea until a few minutes ago that at the most, the United States may take a million in one year, and usually less. 

No idea that most processing brings the best and brightest to us from those countries. The very people that could possibly help in those countries. Those people have dreams and hopes too.

Wow, this is an unbelievable problem. Leaving people behind never works out, in my opinion. 

I’m trying to learn. Talk about being unaware of something, I have heard about refugees and immigration all my life, and never really knew anything about it.

I hope the articles I’m reading are legitimate. I guess I’m not much for providing detailed information, maybe I can just spark some interest. My interest sure is sparked. There’s a lot of pain out there.

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