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another high school classmate gone

Found out about his passing today. Hearing about friends from school passing, always stops me in my tracks. I’m 66 years old, so I would imagine he was close to that. It’s a complete shock and hard to swallow.

I hope his life was good for him. I remember him. I haven’t blogged about the others and I am not sure why. Maybe it’s piled up on me. 

Sad times. 

Class of 68 in Jacksonville, Florida at Nathan Bedford Forrest Senior High School.

So long pal. Rest in Peace. 

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Why Does Humanity Have Dementia? –

what’s going on with me?

I saw on Facebook that one of my classmates from high school passed away. There have been several in the last few months. Sad stuff.

Mom and I are doing well. She enjoyed her time last week at St. Simons Island with Shirley.

I wish I felt as good today as I did back in 2013. Things are changing, and that is to be expected. I will, of course, continue on keeping mom safe.

I am enjoying reading in depth information concerning dementia. Reading about fundraising, research, advocacy, possible cures and prevention. Also been reading about clinical trials and how tough they are for scientist to capitalize on sometimes

If there are 40 paths to a destination, every time you go down one and it turns out to be wrong, you are getting closer to the going down the right one.

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An article about elder abuse shared from the Alzheimer’s Association Georgia chapter

Thanks to everyone involved in getting this article written.

Watch “Alzheimer’s Association 2016 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures (:30 seconds)” on YouTube

My dad and millions of other people have died with alzheimer’s disease. 

Shared from YouTube – Coming back to Life Triathlon 

Beautiful overlay of Pink Floyd on stage and a triathlon. Very Inspiring! 

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Vaughn Wedeking died in 2009 with fronto-temporal dementia

Jacksonville University was my favorite college basketball team in the seventies. They were a tiny school of 2000 students. They played UCLA for the National Championship in 1970. 

One of my favorite players on the team was Vaughan Wedeking. He was a point guard. 

I thought of him today and put his name in Google. Here is the first article that showed up;