no crystal ball comes with intelligence 

Still posting about unintended consequences. They affect all of our lives. Some are good, some are not. I have read much and watched many YouTube clips concerning unintended consequences, all in the last few days.

This search has left me feeling more confidence in myself and others. There have been many intelligent folks shaping our lives. Wow, there have been some unbelievable unintended consequences, with some of those decisions. Most of the decision makers speak well, write well and own multiple degrees. I graduated from high school and then went to school “at life” for 50 years, so far. Concerning a lot of major decisions made, I wonder how myself and/or my friends would have done. Those intelligent folks I speak of above, and they are that, were well intentioned. Myself and my friends would be too. 

No matter how intelligent we are, none of us have a crystal ball. 

The Chinese Farmer speaks to this conundrum.

To anyone reading this. 

“I no longer feel a fear when giving my opinion. I will be respectful in those instances” 

I hope my friends that read this post know the opinion they have, is an important opinion. All are.

Another saying I like; 

The only bad question is the one not asked. 

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