Are we really a nation of immigrants? 

I think we are a nation of immigrants and descendants of immigrants. I think the difference matters.

It seems to me it would take a strong person to go through what I envision immigrants going through. It sounds tough. To be born to an immigrant after they have settled is different. To be a pioneer that leaves on his or her own accord is different. 

To be an immigrant deserves talking of them in the true sense of the word. 

Being an immigrant sounds hard to me. I can try to appreciate what they go through, but have no real idea of it. 

We are a nation of immigrants and descendents of immigrants, and I think there is a difference worthy of note. Don’t you?

Life can be hard in general. Being an immigrant seems like it would be tougher than my life has been. It seems like with each generation born here, in a immigrants bloodline, may would have a less stressful life. 

I would imagine I am a descendant of an immigrant, but I know of no hardships ever caused by that, but I bet the original immigrant could talk of some. Talking about in my bloodline.

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