I just had a thought about driving – what do you think? 

When you get old enough and you feel you might be losing your touch a little. I have an idea. I wonder what experts would think of this.

Get in your car and talk to yourself about what you’re getting ready to do, the importance and the lives at stake. Go over in your head, things like stopping at stop signs and stopping at red lights and using your blinker. Even see where you’re going and then reverse to come home. This is an oversimplification, but I think the reader would know what I mean. This is much like some athletes do before their events. I have read that some of them close their eyes and see the whole event unfolding before them. The other thing I wonder about is the ability to turn our head back and forth to see traffic coming, before moving out. I think you could sit in a chair or even in your car in your carport and exercise your neck turning your head back and forth. I just wonder what experts would think of this process. I have read that doctors think people over 60 or 65 should practice getting up off of the floor as if they fell. To keep going, keep going.

I am 66 years old and have noticed because I am not driving much that my neck doesn’t have the flexibility it used to have. I’m in the process of getting that flexibility back. I’m not getting it back by driving I’m getting it back by simulating driving.

Thank you very much for reading this blog and I appreciate any comments.

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