after the bleeding ulcer 

The emergency room doctor said I made it just in time. The blood was amazing, the amount. After four days in ICU, I had a hard time getting very far from a hospital. Fear grabbed me big-time.

I would try, but I was really worried about having another bleed and not making it. I wondered if I would ever go backpacking again.

I finally drove my car to Woody Gap in Georgia and caught a ride to Neels Gap. I hiked the little over 10 miles alone. I was worried, but I did it anyway. As time went by, and I did more and more, I seemed to forget about it most of the time.

I rarely think about it anymore.

Thank you for reading my blog and please follow me. I appreciate you.

2 responses to “after the bleeding ulcer 

  1. Sounds scary! I’m glad you survived and got back into hiking.


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