fighting off alzheimer’s disease #ENDALZ 

I am trying to learn new things. Delving into politics has told me much about myself.I’m finding out some interesting things in my quest to fight off Alzheimer’s disease 

I realize I have more of a desire to fact-check when I disagree, than when I agree.

It seems I tend to focus on ideas and theories that people put forth. A lot of these ideas and theories have been tested. Sometimes instead of looking at the idea or the theory, I have to look at the unintended consequences. 

Also I have realized I have to make a concentrated effort to stay away from the herd mentality.

I’m not a Republican and I’m not a Democrat. I am an individual. (Steve Fugate taught me that)

Thank you very much for looking at my blog. I appreciate it much. This is my effort to do what I consider my duty and prevent alzheimer’s. 

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