mom’s driving evaluation this morning 

In a recent follow-up visit to Mom’s doctor, he asked about her driving. His suggestion was for her to have an evaluation by an expert in the field of driving by senior citizens. Jeannie, with the Alzheimer’s Association in Columbus, Georgia made me aware of companies that provide this service. I made the call, I prayed God’s will be done concerning this matter.

Mom immediately said certainly. She said let’s get the evaluation done. Then she made a remarkable comment to me. She said “my need for driving has decreased tremendously over the years, so I do not get much practice anymore.” That struck a chord with me. I’ve been reading lately about how the brain learns, and remembers things we do often, but those things have to be done often, or the quality of the doing changes.

We went to work. We have been going out at least twice a day, letting mom practice the things she used to do often, because she was busy. I have noticed a tremendous change after only three days. She noticed it too.

The evaluation is this morning at 9 a.m. . I said a prayer and asked God for his will to be done concerning mom’s driving. I do not want her or others to be hurt.This is a serious issue.

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