my opinion and yours are both valuable. we all have one home (earth)

The last few months have been educational. I have realized that on all sides of important issues, there are individuals that

  • Know some words I have to look up.
  • Seem good at arranging words
  • Feel they are 100% right
  • Have degrees and in some instances, multiple degrees 
  • Reference blogs, articles, great documents and books
  • Have written books and/or articles 
  • On occasion, use statistics 
  • Have traveled the world over
  • Know many important individuals 
  • Are witty 
  • Are sarcastic 

That tells me that the things listed above are not limited to one side of an opinion. Anyone may, with time, have those things, above, said about them 

It’s hard to have time to search for the truth on so many issues and even then, it’s only my perception. There may be one more article, I didn’t read. Even without some of those abilities, listed above, I will form my opinions. Maybe sometimes it’s a hunch, my gut or a feeling that guides me. It’s not some of those things listed above. It can’t be, because folks on all sides, that have those qualities said concerning them, have totally different opinions. I will ask for the opinions of others and ask them to share what swayed them one way or another, but then I will “chew the answer up and spit out what I percieve, to be the bones”

The last few weeks have left me with more confidence, in myself, than before. I’m working to avoid Alzheimer’s disease and maybe this will help, you know, learning new things, publishing my thoughts and feeling confidence, because of the process.

(added later)  It is telling to sit with two folks with similar education backgrounds, eat lunch and hear them disagree on many things. Does this prove that one was smarter than the other or what?

This post may be saying that “common sense” is important too. Here is a definition of “common sense” I found using Google. 

Sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.

That definition may bring more questions to the table. 

Thank you for reading my post. 

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