What would I legitimately feel okay speaking about, concerning my weight?

Am I qualified to . . . . .

Speak about how to not become overweight?     NO

Speak about feeling the physical and mental affects of becoming overweight and immediately begin losing the weight?     NO

Speak about casually finding motivation to lose weight and lose it?     NO

Speak about violently finding motivation to lose weight and start losing it immediately?     YES

Speak about my weight loss?     YES

Tell my story?     YOU BET!

Mine was a slow weight gain over many years. There were hundreds of Mondays planned to begin a weight loss program. Nothing became of any of those planned events. I had listened to several “Motivational” speakers and found myself excited for a day or two. 

I read someone’s thoughts about motivational speakers. It went something like this . . . . .  Many motivational speakers are like carnivals, they creat a diversion and take us away from the real problem, or problems for a few minutes. (not sure how I feel about this comparison)

My motivation came violently, in the form of a bleeding ulcer. I saw lots of blood that day, and it all came from inside me. The emergency room was a place of horror. The taste and smell of old blood that had been laying in my stomach, was horrific. The blood leaking into my stomach made me nauseous and I would throw it up. The emergency room workers talking about my life and hearing some of them gag from the smell, was very violent to me. 

My motivation came in the form of fear, fear of dying. That’s the bottom line. I did not want to die and I was afraid to die.

I came out of the hospital and went to work immediately. I never looked back. I lost, in total, 118 lbs. 

You can read this yourself and tell what I’m qualified to talk about.

At one point, they estimated I may have two hours to live. 

Mine is not a story I would want anyone to emulate. I have many friends that found a motive to lose weight and did. Their stories are worthy for emulation. 

My story, in my opinion, began its greatness with a prayer in ICU. 

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