8 steps I took to help mom keep her car keys – she’s 88

As we grow older the amount of driving we do slows down and our ability does too. It doesn’t always mean we must give up the keys, maybe we can adapt. Here are a few ideas and I know their are more.

  1. Limit or stop night driving
  2. Discontinue driving in the rain 
  3. Drive in familiar places 
  4. Practice driving with a younger person that you trust to point out your inadequacies (several hours every week)
  5. Drive to shopping areas that have the least amount of traffic
  6. Practice turning your head back and forth as if looking for traffic (at home in a chair)
  7. Never use a phone, even hands free, while driving
  8. Avoid enjoying the views as you drive. If you want to look, find a safe place and stop

Mom is 88 years old and her and I have implemented these ideas and we feel much progress was made. It’s not just mom’s life we are concerned with. 

I’m told that taking away car keys is very traumatic and may lead to depression. 

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