Is Alzheimer’s a disease, or is it something else? 

That’s a question a lot of folks have. As a layman I form opinions based on what I read, hear, see and feel. I have some common sense. 

I think if we had funded the research as the National Alzheimer’s Plan called for, we might know the answer to my question posed in the title of this post. At least we would most likely be closer to an answer. 

Scientists are, of course, of the same quality we have always had. Why would that change? The equipment is like never before. Ideas and theories are a plenty. It’s funding. 

Some scientists are moving to other things. Institutional knowledge is being lost by the bucketfulls. 

Many non profits are lobbying and advocating for more resources from Congress. They are making a difference and that needs to be said. 

We have come far and have “more far,” to go. 

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