a most unusual feeling in Texas, in 2013, in Alanreed 

Someone asked me recently about great moments on my trip in 2013. 

This was one of those. I began the morning walking out of a motel room, pushing my jogging stroller full of supplies and equipment. I ended the day at the Alanreed Travel Center. I checked in, situated everything, and walked around outside for a few minutes. About 70 feet from the door of my room is a drop off. Standing there looking north, you see far. Route 66 is just a few feet away and Interstate 40 is parked next to it. I went back in and rested. 

Darkness took over. I could hear a breeze. I walked out to the edge of the cliff. It was dark but I knew what was in front of me. The wind was blowing and the temperature was just right. 

I felt calm, lonely and sad. I knew what I missed and knew it would never be again. I was content somehow. I lived right then, right there, and I was okay. 


After posting the above I looked to see what I had posted about this before.  I copied it and pasted it. Feelings then and feelings now. I love being human and being me. 

This happened in June of 2013.

I was at a small travel center near Alanreed, Texas. It had gotten dark. The wind was blowing. I walked out of my room and to the edge of a small cliff. Interstate 40 and Route 66 were in front of me. I was facing north. No folks anywhere, other than the ones going east and west on the highways. I missed someone or something. Not sure which. I know I felt alone. Not a good alone. I must have stood there for 15 or 20 minutes.

I had looked to the north when I arrived and I could see forever, so in the dark I knew what was out there.

I wonder what that meant. I got up the next morning and continued pushing my jogging stroller west.

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