Maybe this is why Alzheimer’s research is underfunded #ENDALZ 

I’ve been reading about diseases that have been really tough to cure. It seems to be a catch-22 situation. If there are no concrete ideas, it appears no one wants to give money where they think it may not go to good use. But how do you find concrete ideas without funding. 

Francis S. Collins, the Director of the National Institute of Health, said this in recent years. 

“We are not, at the moment, limited by ideas. We are not limited by scientific opportunities. We are not limited by talent. We are, unfortunately, limited by resources to be able to move this Enterprise forward at the pace that it could take.”

 It doesn’t help the scientific community for articles to be published, almost weekly, that say it looks like we have a cure for Alzheimer’s, and it turns out to be Alzheimers in a mouse. The headline usually does not reflect the word “mouse.” You read that in the body of the story. I wish the headline spoke of the mice. 

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