Awareness . . . We gotta continue with Raising Awareness concerning alzheimers disease #ENDALZ 

I’m telling you, there are so many people that have no idea about how much of a toll Alzheimers takes on a family. There are even family members that do not know what it is doing with the patient and the caregiver. This is a big deal folks. Alzheimers is bad and what it does to caregivers is unbelievable. There are so many aspects to this disease. 

  1. Incontinence
  2. Violence 
  3. Certain Death
  4. 24 hour care needed
  5. Financial loss
  6. Family breakups 
  7. Antipsychotic medications 
  8. Caregivers can’t afford to eat properly 
  9. Caregivers can’t afford to purchase the medication they need for themselves. 
  10. Loss of hope 
  11. No way I could name it all

Please ask Congress to fund the National Alzheimer’s Plan. 

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