More thoughts on Noah’s March  . . . . . 

Watching a 10 year old test his sugar level . . . . .  seeing him wince from the pain caused by a shot of insulin. That brings maturity to the thoughts of this old man. 

Listening to him speak of a cure for diabetes and sensing the sincerity in his tone, puts tears in my eyes.

Noah is Marching over 4000 miles. Somewhere out there, on one of those lonely roads, he hopes to find that cure. When he does, it will be for him and it will be for millions of others. 

Noah is my friend, and I sense a maturity and level of determination that inspires. I look at his face when he doesn’t see and I wish I could go get that cure for him, right now, and place it in his little hand. 

Noah is my friend . . . . . 

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