What I hope the Advocates tell Congress for me . . . . .

I hope they speak of . . . . . 

  1. Not enough money to fund the National Alzheimer’s Plan, as written. Why?
  2. Why no cure? If money is the problem, tell Congress to look in the mirror 
  3. Family breakups 
  4. Financial problems 
  5. Stress related problems 
  6. Incontinence 
  7. Violence 
  8. Caregivers not being able to afford the medication they need for themselves 
  9. Caregivers not being able to afford the food they need
  10. Let them know millions of caregivers are watching a grown human being 24/7, and some for years
  11. Lack of ways to get respite 
  12. Congress – what did we do to cause this? If we don’t know, why not? Is it money. If that’s it, look in the mirror. 
  13. Why so many empty seats when a United States Citizen spoke to you about alzheimer’s?  (Seth Grogan)

The last question might be this – if you have Alzheimer’s in your immediate family, are you or have you ever been the primary caregiver for at least 1 year? 24/7 with no staff helping you 

Maybe some frustration in my post, but ya know what? That’s okay. I’ve witnessed Congress showing a little of that. 

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