How will I proceed? 

I’m asking myself that question again. How will I proceed? Soon, I will have 5 years into the “Across the Land” project. I have declared it over more than once, only to get up the next morning and continue. 

I am a full time caregiver for mom. She is 88 years old. I have been with her since January 24th, 2016. 

I do the work to keep myself fit, and I keep mom safe. I use a WordPress blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and my phone to continue gathering information. I share. 

My main consideration is mom’s safety and my health. I entwine them together. 

My second layer is keeping the promise. 

  Before an entity will spend time and money on a problem, they have to know one exists and the affects of it. Awareness must be raised. 

Alzheimer’s . . . . . I chose to jump in with both feet because dad died with alzheimer’s. I have continued on because of the suffering I have personally witnessed. It’s to late to stop now. I have been given to much. I have responsibility to all who helped. One day I will travel again. The purpose will be to raise the level of awareness concerning alzheimer’s disease. 

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