We must speak of the good we do sometimes . . . . . 

I realize I have persistence on my team. Patience joins me every once in awhile. I am proud that I Keep Going. 
I was ran over by a car at age 3. The broke bones healed, but not perfectly in shape. I had pneumonia 4 times, and my left lung is heavily scarred. I have a form of Cooley’s disease that does not require transfusions. I am forever anemic. I have a late onset heart murmor. Oh, I do experience pain from time to time, and have for years. The pain is musculoskeletal. I chuckle sometimes when folks tell me to “push through the pain.” . . . . . ahh, that I have been doing awhile. I compete with the me from yesterday.  I have stood firm fighting alzheimer’s disease for 58 months, full time. I like this picture. 

We never know for sure what others are going through.

I saw a man in Albuquerque, NM briskly walking for excercise, while pulling his oxygen tank behind him. I know why he was doing it because I spoke with him. 

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