Two things that could sway the electorate to demand more help with Alzheimer’s from the government

One is to share, and I mean really share the horrors of what Alzheimer’s disease does to a patient and a caregiver that has no resources to get help. Incontinence, violence, family breakups, and complete financial loss. Caregivers not being able to afford to pay for their own medicine and being forced to skip meals. 

The second would be to explain how expensive alzheimer’s is already and how it is projected to break the bank. $175 billion paid by Medicaid and Medicare this year. Bankruptcy of America could come if this is not addressed. 

It seems obvious the Congress is not going to lead, so we must. I could see and feel the sense of urgency in Maria Shrivers voice and her facial expressions, when she spoke to Congress today.  I think she knows what’s coming and I think she senses there is not a lot of leadership that will push to get the money we need to find a cure for the most financially devastating disease mankind has ever known. She said the American voter is not going to take this anymore.

I guess we will see. 

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