Here is part of my story . . . . . March 30, 2017 

I am grateful  . . . . . 

I’m still alive. Today is the 16 year anniversary of my last day in ICU at Kennestone Hospital. On March 27th, 2001 I was shaken by the sight of blood for several hours. Helicobacter pylori bacteria had caused a bleeding ulcer in the lining of my stomach. The blood loss at home and on the way to the hospital was significant. The emergency room doctors informed me that I may have only 2 hours to live. I weighed approximately 272 lbs that day. My life was spared.

I came out and went to work. 

  • 1800 calorie diet 
  • light resistance workouts
  • aerobics workouts 
  • abb workouts 

I lost 117 lbs in total. 

I promised God I would get in shape and spend the rest of my life helping as many folks as possible. The weight loss came first, as did a few mental changes. Some running goals were set and accomplished. I continued working as a receiving manager. On June 1, 2012, I began helping in the fight with alzheimer’s disease. (dad had passed away a few months before the ulcer, with alzheimer’s.)

It’s been 58 months now nonstop, doing what I could, with what I had, where I was. 

Maybe dates and anniversaries don’t matter, but maybe they do. They probably do.

It’s time for a change on my part. I will continue to work every day on maintaining my physical health. . . . .  I’m being led to improve my communication skills. I have been blessed with hearing, reading and seeing a lot the last few years. I have a perspective that includes almost every aspect of the Alzheimer’s battle. I feel a responsibility to share the information with others. Alzheimer’s runs in dad’s family.

I have always exhibited some anxiety and depression and turned away from living in the present. That is my next hurdle, to change that. Posting only when inspired is a goal and I will try.

Thank you for reading this post. 

10 responses to “Here is part of my story . . . . . March 30, 2017 

  1. Your warrior spirit inspire me. You are beautiful soul, Sir. I am lucky to have known people like you through WordPress. And glad to know that humanity exists amidst monsters.

    We definitely cannot change our fate but we have the power in us to command my decisions and outlook.
    The way u are driving your life, you are an inspiration to many.
    And THANK YOU for blogging. I am privileged to be able to read your words of such power.
    Cheers to life (I am imagining clinging glasses of yummy orange juice. The weather here is beautiful and orange juice now sounds perfect. And it’s healthy too!)
    Keep blogging.
    Good day to you Sir.


  2. Congratulations! What an inspiration.


  3. You’re inspirational. I’m moved by your story. Instead of being self-focused on maintaining your health, you’ve taken up a cause that will help so many others, as well. You should run for president! We need you, Jack. 🇺🇸


  4. Thanks for sharing your story. You made a scary and bad time in your life into one of hope, health, and healing yourself as well as others. My good friend just lost her husband to early onset Alzheimer’s. He was diagnosed when he was 59; died when he was 65, just this past December. His road from being a brilliant Ph.D. engineer to not even knowing the love of his life – his wife – or how to pick up a spoon, is a horrific one. May we all fight to end this horrible disease.


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