I’m pretending to be a scientist for a few minutes 

I had good intentions. I wanted to help. I have worked hard and long to accumulate the knowledge I have. I am not without imperfections.  

The unintended consequences of the implementation of part of my work, has, at times, surprised even me. I found information that solved one problem, only to find out much later, that upon implementation, part of my work may have created another problem. The implementation of part of my work may have saved millions of lives. The implementation of part of my work may have cost lives, at other times. 

People used some of my work to disprove ideas a lot of people wanted to believe in. Only later did I find out I was a few hundred thousands years off on my estimates. The time difference may have been important. This may in itself prove, or at least lend to the thought that maybe “science is not a science.” (at least not in the way we choose to think of it)

I stated that certain foods were bad for you and then later, I spoke of it, in a different way.  (maybe the bad is still bad, but maybe some good is mixed in, and maybe later I believed the good out weighs the bad). Some findings of mine have remained completely intact.

I have watched my work become partially or sometimes completely misrepresented for the gain of the folks misrepresenting it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  

Jack Fussell has had occasion to meet several scientists. They were all very kind and patient. Does that matter? Yes it does, in my opinion. I respect them. I respect the work they are doing. I recognize they are human. I would not want to be without scientists on our planet. 

I have faith in the scientific community, even with any contradictions, or what may seem like contradictions. 

I know funds are low for research and the competition for those funds are fierce. 

I’m not great at blogging, but I am trying. No college education here. (that’s what you call a disclaimer). 

Here is a link to a story that shines a light on a thought that may be of value . . . . . (my opinion) 


Remember, take my thoughts in and chew them up and spit out the bones. I may change my mind later. (disclaimer) 

What’s the point of this post? At this particular moment, I’m not sure. 

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