Alzheimer’s is more than loss of memory – let’s say what it is then

I’ve saw 3 post on social media recently saying “Alzheimer’s is more than loss of memory,” or words similar to those. 

But that was it. It wasn’t followed by anything. The readers were left hanging. I think it’s wasteful to get an influential person to listen to us, and then leave out anything about the horrors of alzheimer’s disease. 

Beside memory loss . . . . . 

  • Incontinence 
  • Violence
  • Family breakups
  • Financial ruin
  • Loss of hope
  • Caregivers that can’t afford medication for themselves 
  • Caregivers that can’t afford proper food
  • Caregivers with siblings that do not help
  • Caregivers now dying in large numbers, due to stress, before the patient 
  • Certain Death
  • Estimates are that America will be bankrupt by 2050, if nothing is done. 

Please speak of these things. 

Seek Inner Peace to rest for the coming battle, not to avoid it. 


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