Yellowstone National Park and Alzheimer’s disease  . . . . . 

I watched a movie that seemed to focus on the lives and struggles of some of the inhabitants of Yellowstone. (not people)

I think, just like our lives, there are good times and times, not so good. The winter season was hardest. The other seasons had hardships, but winter was a constant, never-ending fight! 

I noticed in winter, there seemed to be no time to waller in victory. If they stopped, they were culled out, and they lost. Other seasons offered some rest. 

I thought of our struggle with alzheimer’s disease. We are in a hard winter, so to speak, and we can’t spend much time with congratulations. We have to pay attention to everything. We must forget about “comfort zones.”

$256 billion dollars will be spent on alzheimer’s disease in America, this year. Less than $1 billion dollars will be allocated for alzheimer’s disease research.

Estimates suggest from 30 to 40 % of caregivers are passing before the patient. 

Estimates say 1,309 folks are diagnosed every day in America.  

My opinion is this is a serious time in the alzheimer’s battle. Failure after failure of hopefull clinical trials may lead some to think our theories are not well founded. 

This post, of course, contains my thoughts. 

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