Combined post about the growing pains of science  . . . . . 

From the post “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining”

No answers here, only more questions. Questions we should all be asking. Why are so many clinical trials being called “failures?” Why do folks like me ask on almost a daily basis for an increase in research dollars? Should Congress think of the failures? Should they listen to folks like me without question? Should they just without question, increase funding? 

Have I been off base expecting more research dollars, with failure after failure being reported?  

I know things are learned even with failure, but is it enough? 

How many more new diagnosis before we see something that resembles hope?

Is it true that some now believe it is not the plaque and tangles that cause alzheimer’s? 

Is Hope on the Horizon?  

We must help caregivers that have no resources, other than their life. We must constantly speak of the horrors created by alzheimer’s disease. 

The Natonal Institute of Health must do their job. They are key. Are they doing a good job? 

I feel this post is of great value at this point in time. I feel qualified to “show concern

From the post “Tough times for science, but they will figure it out” post 

After yesterday’s post about failed clinical trials, I waited. The calls and messages came today. Most filling in information about what is going on. No need for me to try to explain. I found an article from 2013 that gives one person’s account of what science has been going through.  Growing pains, and this is not only about dementia or alzheimer’s, its all science’s. If the stuff I’m hearing and reading today is on target, I understand the concern. Here is a link to the article.

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