M.A. – you are such an inspiration to me . . . . . 

I met her around 1968. I never heard her say anything about her heart and lung condition. I always knew something was wrong because she seemed to get so tired, so quickly. Her and her husband were later able to purchase a home on the river, and it had a dock. Her color improved and her health seemed to as well. She would go fishing and go for walks on a daily basis. Her daughter told me of her heart and lung situation. She soon became a full-time 24/7 caregiver for her husband’s mother. The mother had Alzheimer’s disease. She took care of her in their home for a decade. The fishing and the walks became a thing of the past.  Her color changed and her voice was not heard often. Shortly after her mother in law passed, she passed. I personally never heard her speak of her poor health or the caregiver job.

She is one of my deep seated inspirations.

2 responses to “M.A. – you are such an inspiration to me . . . . . 

  1. She was a true CARE giver, but I wish she’d been able to allow others to care for her too. She left her family too soon. xo


  2. Beautiful and inspirational lady. We need more stories of inner strength like this gem.


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