about helping long distance travelers on foot or bike . . . . . 

Several months ago I began offering help to folks that are traveling great distances on foot or on a bicycle. I asked for help myself from family, to insure mom’s comfort and I took off. I offered advice, logistical help and help with securing places to rest at night. 

I woke up early this morning thinking not only of the help I received for “Across the Land,” but also the help I have received since my entry into this life. Doctors, nurses, teachers, neighbors, and well, I could type this list for hours. 

Giving back, for me, is important. 

I am grateful for the help I received. I’m grateful to be able to help others. 

Mom has indeed, become a part of this. She has helped me, Help Others. The family that helped while I was gone, helped me, Help Others. 

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