Am I “doing good” or not?

Folks ask me this simple question; “how are you doing?” 

If I explain that all is good, I wonder if they think I am super human. They know I am a caregiver and that my life has made a distinct change. If I explain in any detail, how hard I think things have been, do they feel like I am feeling sorry for myself. 

I don’t want either of those. I don’t want folks ever thinking they are the only ones who struggle. I struggle every day. 

I have long time personal friends that when I see some of their posts, I don’t recognize that person. They seem to strain to make folks think all is close to perfection.  I don’t want to do that. 

Today, a friends son took his life. He had mentioned to his dad recently that all of his friends lives were good, and then their was his. I’m pretty sure that is not real. 

I share so people will know what my life is. Maybe it will help, I don’t know. I think deep down inside, someone will see a good thing I have done and remark – “if he can do it, I can do it.”

I am proud of my faith and my persistence. I am proud of continually getting back up after falling once again.  


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