a followup to “how do you plan to help this man?”

As we can see he has no mom, dad or siblings. He is divorced and both children migrated somewhat to mom. So, at best, he may have almost no support of the strongest type available. 

Because of agent orange and his brushes with the Veterans Administration, he has little trust in government. Because of the folks trying to hustle his social security benefits, he has little trust with the public, that seem to want to help.  

His teeth have probably affected his health in a adverse way. 

He has no money. 

He doesn’t have much on his side. 

Support, trust, both governmental and public all have to be constructed. It will take a lot of time, pain and money to fix the teeth.  

He needs an exorbitant amount of discipline.  

This could be a hard fix.

While the repair process proceeds, where does he live? Who provides him with resources? 

– – – – – – – – – – 

Those are facts as we know them. It’s more difficult than “let’s help”

It will take time and money. Is it worth it? YOU BET IT IS. 

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