how do you plan to help this man?

Met him in Oklahoma. 

  • 66 years old 
  • Vietnam Veteran 
  • Honorable Discharge 
  • Divorced
  • 2 children that migrated with mom emotionally – they are polite when he calls 
  • No immediate family left
  • Not drawing social security 
  • Teeth were rotten
  • Had friends that died from agent orange. He said they told him agent orange was safe
  • Had 3 encounters with the V.A. that, in his opinion, went south pretty quick. He spoke of arrogant and sarcastic attitudes. The ones he met had never served
  • He met folks that sought him out. For 40% of his social security, they would help him apply. 
  • He never cried as we talked.
  • He thought what I was doing was amazing. 
  • He wouldn’t let me give him anything
  • He had tears in his eyes and gave me a big hug as I left 

He knew his situation was self imposed, but couldn’t figure a way back.

    How would you help? Where would you start? Would you resign yourself to helping this one man? 

    A representation of a man that spoke with me about his situation

    One response to “how do you plan to help this man?

    1. Wowser! Fabulous drawing along with moving words that wrapped around my heart! Kind Regards -K


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