The prayer I spoke in ICU

It always comes back here, to the prayer that morning in ICU.

It was my first full day in the Intensive Care Unit. With the memories of the day before still fresh, and a lot of unanswered questions, I prayed. “God, if you allow me to get out of ICU alive, I solemnly promise to do the best I know how to get in good shape physically and emotionally and spend the rest of my life attempting to help people with no regard to my future.”
I went to work and lost 118 lbs in total. I’ve tried to better myself mentally, not sure if that worked out or not. 

God never spoke back, in a voice. He spoke back with a long series of incidents. I feel an obligation to that promise. I continue making mistakes, but I Keep Going. I even fell in love on this Journey, and that never had a place here, but it is proof that being perfect, or anywhere near it, is not a prerequisite for keeping a promise to God. It’s not about me though and in the end it will turn out not to be. I wanted recognition to much, along the way, to warrant that. 

The Journey is the important part here and I am supposed to be doing this. Only one Finish Line matters. Like Mark said. “Keep climbing those mountains. One day when you get to the top of one, God will be waiting there and will take you home. Until then, Keep Climbing”

One day, if it hasn’t happened already, I will do or say something, at just the right time, that will end up being a help to many. No one will notice the messenger, but the work will be done. That message was delivered to me by a young lady in Knoxville, Tennessee. Later that day, she bought me a glazed doughnut. 

I made a promise and intend to keep it. Wow, it all sounds tiring to me. 

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