mom and the Barnes family

Mom is usually not very comfortable with many folks around. When I spoke with her about the Barnes family staying with us awhile, she said she would give it a go. 

They were with us almost 2 weeks. The family consists of 2 adults, 3 children and a dog. After the first couple of days, I considered asking if she would go visit Shirley for the duration. She said she would try to stick it out. All and all she was gone two nights of their visit. 

I think she did well. I noticed she began to recognize when she needed to leave the interaction and would excuse herself to the back part of the house, and would rest.

It’s a day to day situation and even hour to hour. I feel she did well. 

One note – the Barnes family were very respectful in every way and they spent time interacting with mom. She asks about them often. 

One response to “mom and the Barnes family

  1. Awhhh — we love her! Mom is a sweet lady.


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