addiction and drugs – baby boomers 

In the last 5 years I have read of several folks that seemed to be raising awareness concerning addiction. If memory serves me correctly, most were about drugs, some legal, some not. I say seemed to be raising awareness, because I’m not positive of the stated goal. 

Many years ago my best friend left for Vietnam and I left for the Mediterranean Ocean. I was never in harms way, he was, almost constantly. To make a long story short, in my opinion he died over there. He came home and I didn’t recognize him. Drugs. He passed away again recently. 

A work friend was late, for work. No phone call, just late. That evening we received information that he had been found behind a school. He was in his work truck, money laying around. He had been shot in the chest several times. The information I received stated it was a meeting to exchange money for drugs.

During my 2013 trip across America, I received help from some folks that have a child that had an addiction. Two of these recollections concerned Vietnam era folks. This one is much more recent. Her story grabs my heart because of the nature of it. 

In fact, any and all of these stories grab my heart. 

All of this is ironic. Some experts say that as baby boomers turn 65, alzheimer’s rates will sore. It will be made worse because of heavy drug use during the sixties and seventies. It seems that drugs were a heavily used coping tool in Vietnam. I can’t imagine how the folks that served in Vietnam felt. 

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