She watched her support base evaporate 

  • Several family members live within 25 miles
  • 46 years in the same neighborhood 
  • 39 years at the same church. Her husband was a deacon for 12 years
  • Her husband worked 32 years at one plant
  • She worked 35 years at the same plant he did

Her husband retired amongst thinking he may have alzheimer’s. He was diagnosed with it in 2010. Over the next two years she watched the base of family and friends evaporate. She says she understands. Who wants to be near? 

To her surprise, the church base was the first to go, then family. 

She gets 8 hours a week away from her situation.  

With alzheimer’s, in many cases, there is a grown person and still very strong, that must be watched 24/7. This can be the situation for many years. Incontinence and violence are not rare. The evaporation of family and friends is not rare either. 

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