I will continue using this blog, and Twitter, but “Across the Land” is over . . . . . 

It’s been a busy evening for me. I’ve had a lot of communication with folks disappointed in my decision. They all understand “Across the Land” needing to be over. They understand about me keeping mom safe. They just don’t understand me discontinuing the WordPress Blog and Twitter. After careful thought, here is how I plan to handle this. I will continue to operate the WordPress blog and the “Across the Land” Twitter account, but their will not be much concerning alzheimer’s. I will not have time to do the gathering of information needed. The post and the tweets will be the best I can do on a variety of subjects and will not require as much time and intensity on my part . Both WordPress and Twitter were set up to be about alzheimer’s disease, so I would imagine a lot of the followers expect just that. Again, if you continue to follow, I appreciate it, and if you choose not to, I can certainly appreciate that. 

Hindsight tells me I should have made this decision and announcement on the last day of April and let the followers decide. 
No matter what occurs, let’s have a great rest of our life. 

7 responses to “I will continue using this blog, and Twitter, but “Across the Land” is over . . . . . 

  1. I’m pleased you’re taking care of yourself, and looking out for your mom, too. Sometimes change is good, so I look forward to whatever comes.


  2. Love and light to you and your mother.


  3. I completely understand, Jack! It’s just that I live over here in Americus and I like the way you talk! 😊 I promise to try and just listen.
    God Bless!


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